When CCK Trading Limited was established in 1985 it was with the intention that its activities would centre on the development of a 200 acre block on the island of Savaii as a coffee, cocoa and kava plantation (CCK) for both local and export markets.

Two severe cyclones in 1990 and 1991 destroyed the established crops, forcing a change of policy which resulted in the opening of a small secondhand clothing shop, a business since expanded to two large retail outlets marketing clothing, travel goods, fabrics, shoes, manchester and a range of other products.

The plantation was converted to a cattle farm after 1991.  Coffee processing has continued, but kava exports closed with the collapse of the world market in 2000.

Fortunately, research and development work on another crop with potential as an agricultural export had been undertaken in 1999.  This was noni fruit - a traditional Polynesian herbal medicine, now well established on world markets.  Exports commenced in 2000.

In 1999, expansion of company activities into a new area was initiated with the establishment of a rental car business, Blue Pacific Car Hire.  Subsequently this was linked to the development of a new motor vehicle distributorship, Hyundai Automotive Samoa.